Friday, January 25, 2013

The zero degree take over

The white beauty

Currently Geneva is riding over the Zero and below degree tram and it is brrrrrrrr. Since last week I am regularly travelling on 3 weekdays, I have even started using the cold creams which I did not last winter. The lip balm is a life saver too.

I keep sulking about why god decided to test my surviving skills by pushing me into extreme climatic conditions all my life. I know there are lots of issues with the winter but I still have things that make me happy about it too. 

This winter is so special since it snowed much better than last year. Snowing in Geneva is almost like raining it is gone before touch down but some days become much more merrier by letting a sheet of snow stay alive. I get to play with them and throw them at the completely surprised mama.  

I got three pair of boots :P ya it must be the first on list but there you go, flaunting on any order. One pair of snow boot, one pair of rain boot and one extremely sophisticated pair of leather black boots. I LOVE WINTER. 

Then there is this need to make hot food and eat them hot hot. The glee has no limits. I do forget the weight factor here but winter is to eat and summer is to BURN. Did I tell you about the fondue I ate last weekend. I have sinned :(

Where did all the leaves go???

I know I am being extremely positive about the weather that is making everybody else mad. May be in two years I will join the hate club, may be I wont. 

A friend who is from UK recently remarked how cold Geneva is all the year in comparison with UK. All I could do was smile back and tell her if you are from Tamil Nadu anything below twenty is cold :P 

Much to my own surprise I have been surviving here much better than anticipated. 

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