Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The bus pass

Babbi and Me during 150 Ans celebrations
Oh! I finally own a bus pass , yay!!! really it is my first. This is crazy for someone coming from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  Amma would never let me travel by bus on regular basis until I was 19 or so. I learnt to travel in bus by myself only during the second year of my college. It was Boo who traveled with me all the time. She would wait till I get the particular 147b to reach mogappair. It was real fun and I would beg my mom not to come and pick me up in car, believe me it was that boring. Once Boo got a scooty it was oosy (free) ride almost everyday. How I miss those college days!!


Past is all past now lets meet my new TPG ( Transport Publics Genevois) pass, my LOVE other than mama. he was really surprised to read the fact that this is my first bus pass and my  LOVE, oh he peeps from my back and reads the moment I type the word MAMA. This is not exactly a bus pass it is a monthly pass. I get to go on tram, bus and boat for one whole month. yay!! jolly!!.  Myrin, cern, palletes, onex city here I come !!

I am supposed to SMILE , aghh What happen ??

TPG is the BEST ever public transport in the whole wide world. I even sent them flowers in a postcard after the 150 year celebration last year. They run in big time profit for starters and they gave free rides for almost two days during the 150 years tram festival celebration. They even give a one hour free ticket for all the passengers who fly down to Geneva almost all the locals will go stand for the bus which is world class luxury.  We do it when there is no luggage in hand. I never missed our Ford Ikon even once since we moved in here. until Babbi is six we don't have to buy a ticket for her. A person can take 8 children below six years of age along with him or her and just pay for them(the only adult). How funny is that? but it is true.

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