Wednesday, January 9, 2013


In which country will they (who? I have no idea too) provide a bun, chocolate, black tissue and a notice to celebrate the  ceva plus ?

Long Live You :)

Pick your options 

1. Switzerland
2. Switzerland
3. Switzerland
4. Switzerland

Answer: any of the above 

You win!!!

I am very sorry if your country does that too, please do tell me if so and I will add a note of praise below.

thank you.

 P.S : You would have received the above said only if you were standing/sitting in the Bel-Air stop, Monday morning ( 7-1-2013) at 9 AM exactly. I was there and I know but there is a possibility of it being given at Gare Cornavin too, probably they did. 

I wish ceva plus my best wishes. Whatever you are, May you live long :P

  The bun and the chocolate found solace in Babbi's and Babbi's amma's tummies right after we caught bus 3 which luckily came two minutes LATER. We were hungry you see and buns are best when ate warm (it was warm and fresh). Chocolates need no time and day. 

As for the crumpled black tissue and  Ceva Plus notice (printed in french) see below. 

Ah!! Blurred :(

I LOVE Switzerland and I love GENEVA. This is definitely not the bun talking. It is gone(digested) a long time ago!! 

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