Thursday, September 20, 2012


Everyone has a persona, an aura about them which makes the person unique. This aura can be anything and mind you I really am proud of what I am made up off. I live in the present and I never care about the past but I save it for future references. In simple terms I am this 'souvenirs' person, I believe in carrying bits and pieces of tiny things that I 'wish' to remember and enjoy it somewhere in the future. They are mostly write-ups like a diary entry or printed copies of proofs or photos.I cannot explain in words the amount of pleasure i get when i see my school badge, its priceless. The ID cards for instance, they had no value those days but now it takes me back and i get to relive those moments.


This particular post and the few more that will follow this is like that. A memory I wish to live years later. I know how they make me feel. Believe it or not its the best thing about past, you have a chance to remember the good, forget the bad and learn from everything. Even mama believes in this (surprisingly) and helps me collect all those small things that will be big few years later


Geneva, Switzerland is my current location and there are so many things about this city that I will want to remember years later. So many little things that make me happy is from this place and I wish to honor every one of them years later. The present is tedious and I am quite a busy mother but I never forget to enjoy what god has given to me. To live in a place like this means world to so many and I am one of those very few lucky ones. The honeymoon country is much more than what it is known for.

This one is for you Geneva!!

PS : Any posts that will follow is about the Geneva that I see and experience through my own eyes. This may really not give you an insight as a person who is willing to explore the city.  This is mostly a personal diary os things that happened in Geneva.

As you might have seen the photographs are not of a good standard that's because I am not much of a photographer or use any fancy DSLR camera.I use a normal sony camera which works wonders for me. :)