Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scary Santa

This is will be the first post for my project Geneva and it has taken ages to appear. A simple story of our Christmas this year will hopefully pave way for my writing spirit. This is Babbi's second Christmas and she still has no idea what it means, no 15 months old can I suppose? We (me) are Hindus from India who believe in giving importance to every other religion we come across and celebrate the festivals in our own fashion. Christmas being the first best thing in the the list.

Back home I would bake cake for Christmas and celebrate the holiday watching TV. After the holy matrimony happened things have moved an advanced level. Apart from baking cake we also decorated our front door with a huge star and we also had plans for a Christmas tree the next year. Yes, it is a bonus to marry a man who is an almost-atheist but will never say no to such things if it does not hurt him and make me happy. Since 2011 Christmas became Babbi's first Christmas and we had moved to Geneva the plans for an extravagant Christmas was put on hold.  It will take us at least 3 more years before we can plan for a proper tree and let Babbi decorate it with us. It involves extensive Christmas decoration shopping in INDIA first :) Until then the Christmas spirit will live with the arrival of Santa Claus and roast chicken. 

A few weeks back mama brought Santa clause costume for 10 francs in maxi bazaar and surprised me. His idea was to dress up like Santa on Christmas and show Babbi what she must expect for Christmas in few years. He is really not this fun type but rarely he becomes NORMAL. For most of the days I did not believe he would do anything like dressing up.

Fortunately the man was in no mood to work on Christmas morning and so he got into his Santa dress. Guess what happened?


 The picture speaks for itself. Mama had to remove the costume in order to bring down the tears and get a real hug from our baby girl. He has promised to make her smile the next year. Until then the costume stays happily tugged inside the wardrobe. This time he did not have a proper gift to give her next year he must have one before he gets going as Santa.

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